Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Rain & The River Is Rising.

Once again the Mary River is on the way up.

Mary River at Widgee Crossing

At this spot in the river 4WDs can normally cross but not on this day.
The Mary River has many times in the past flooded the main street of Gympie.

After having a look at the river we went back through Fisherman's Pocket.
The view from here is quite spectacular.

Fisherman's Pocket

In the afternoon we went out to Cedar Pocket to check how full the dam was.
100% full and overflowing. Good for this time of the year going into Winter.
Commenced in 1982, it was completed in 1984. Only a small dam, (730ml), it is mainly used for irrigation of fodder crops on dairy farms, improved pastures on grazing properties, and tree crops such as Macadamia Nuts and Citrus.

Cedar Pocket Dam.

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