Thursday, 23 July 2009

Moreton Island 1

Moreton Island SE Queensland. After being badly affected from an oil spill which covered almost all the eastern side of the island it is now showing signs of recovery. Some of the tidal creeks are still closed due to the clean up still in progress.

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Cape Moreton
Still with oil on the rocks.

Cape Moreton
Where the oil did not reach.

War relic on the Eastern Beach of Moreton Island

Looking straight out to sea from the war relic

View to the North

View to the South

Another view along the Eastern Beach of Moreton Island


Tarzan said...

love the pics of moreton mum and also very descriptive

Neil said...

Thanks Tarzan for your comments

mick said...

That's a beautiful place. Nice photos. The oil residue on the rocks is not good. Hope there are plans to deal with that too.

Neil said...

Thanks Mick no they can not touch the rocks at Cape Moreton.