Saturday, 4 December 2010

Double-barred Finch

Have been unable to post much of late due to computer problems, luckily for me our daughter left her old laptop here for me to use. She told me the other day that her new laptop was not working and has to be sent away to get fixed as it is still under warranty.

Have not been able to get many photos of late due to the weather and other commitments.

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Double-barred Finch (Taeniopygia bichenovii)

This Double-barred Finch is one that comes to our feeder every morning.

Bladder Cicada (Cystosoma saundersii)

This Bladder Cicada we found in our backyard.

One of the commitments was a camp at Rainbow Waters Caravan Park with the Noosa Bird Observers over four days, it was too wet for any photos did manage to get the camp set up before the rain set in for the rest of our stay. It was fine when we started to pack up to go home on the last day. Just as we put the last items in the Ute it started to rain again. 110 bird species were recorded for the camp, not bad considering the weather.

This photo shows the bush behind where our tent was set up. At night there was a Large-tailed Nightjar calling most of the time. Some of the group who were staying in the onsite cabins did not here the Nightjar as they were not close to the bush.


mick said...

I like the little finch. I might have to consider putting up a feeder if little fellows like that would visit!

Snail said...

Me, too, with the computer problems. Sigh

That bladder cicada is very cool. And I'm with Mick about the feeder. I will have to find a turkey-proof one and see what visits.

Neil said...

Thanks Mick consider feeder and bird bath as well.
Thanks Snail not sure how to turkey proof feeder.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful finch! and I like the cicada as well.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Neil,
Nice work under trying circumstances, (computer and weather problems). Love the Double-bars.

Neil said...

Thanks Dreamfalcon and Gouldiae.

sunflowerkat321 said...

It's really terrific that you were able to photograph this finch from multiple angles so we can see all the markings. It sounds like this was an enjoyable trip in spite of the weather.


Halcyon said...

Very pretty bird!

Larry said...

That Double-barred Finch is a cool looking bird Neil! It looks like the camp out was a success even with the rain with 110 species. Bummer about the computer problems, I hate it when that happens.

Neil said...

Thanks everyone.

Lana Gramlich said...

The double-barred finch is lovely. Nice captures. :)

Neil said...

Thanks Lana