Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mixed Bag

Just had to take a photo of these cute little swans at the local park. The Fairy Gerygone was taken at Lower Wonga and the Rose Robin was taken at Cooloola Cove. The  Mallard is a hybrid with the Pacific Black Duck.
Black Swan (Cygnus atratus)

Fairy Gerygone (Gerygone palpebrosa)

Mallard (Hybrid Female)(Anas platyrhynchos)
Rose Robin (Female)(Petroica rosea)

The Rose Robin migrates in Winter from down South. Not sure if we are having a Winter this year, as it was 28 degrees on the Friday and 30 degrees on Saturday.
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Liz said...

A great series, Neil! I love the Cygnets!

mick said...

Lovely birds. You motivate me to get out and see some of these for myself! Thanks!!

Lea said...

Great bird photos, especially the baby swans!

Adam Jones said...

Cute cygnets.

Wally Jones said...

A really nice series of images! Maybe the Robin is migrating by the calendar this year instead of waiting for it to cool down!

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

The cygnets are adorable!