Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Step back in time

Recently made a visit to an historic site.
In the early 1900's many people lived and worked here, supported by Chinese Market Gardeners. Little remains now of their efforts.

As you can see by the photos the weeds have taken over.

They are flowering very well.

In fact they are the biggest and healthiest I have seen.

No wonder the Market Gardens did so well.

Just to show there were some Native flowers.
All that remains at the site is the beautifully constructed chimney, part of the smelter for copper ore once mined in the area. It was built around 1872 from local hewn stone and bonded with clay mortar, and stands at 16.5m. The smelter was powered by wood which was bought to the site by a timber railway some of which remains today.


Mosura said...

That's a wonderful old chimney. Any idea when it was built?

Neil said...

Hi Mosura
Had to do some research, as the Info Board was vandalised and the Information was missing.
Will put the Info on the blog.