Monday, 6 October 2008

A Day in Our Yard

One of the benefits in working outdoors in the garden as we have done over the last 2 weeks is that it gives you an appreciation of the variety of wildlife that visit or call our yard home on any given day.
I would like to share some of them with you all, unfortunately I was not lucky enough to get photos of the Green Tree Snake, Blue Tongue Lizard, Common Brush Tailed Possum and Ringtail Possum, but I will keep trying.
We have also been watching a nesting pair of Torresian Crows being harrassed by a pair of Little Friarbirds. I don't think I would like to be a Crow with Friarbirds for neighbors, it would be enough to make you move.
Sometimes I wish the birds would come later in the day to have their drink and bath, as I find myself stopping and watching them instead of finishing the garden. I am nearly finished, then I will be able to take more time to watch them.

Grey-crowned Babbler
I know it is here somewhere, I saw it.

Thank goodness for the red eye and loud call otherwise very difficult to find among the foliage.

Willie Wagtail
I am only little but I can make a lot of noise when I want too.

Little Friarbird
These flowers are so good I keep coming back for more.

Noisy Friarbird
How deep is this thing.

Grey-crowned Babbler & Little Friarbird
Wait your turn we were here first.

Blue-faced Honeyeater
Will you hurry up its my turn.

This Sunset was a nice ending to our day.


Mosura said...

Some great birdlife you have there. Thanks for sharing it.

Neil said...

I think the bird bath helps to keep them coming plus all our trees and shrubs.