Thursday, 23 October 2008

Camping Part 1

Was lucky enough last weekend to go camping at Kenilworth. We were planning to camp at Booloumba Creek but were unable to because the creek was up and we were only in a two wheel drive. So we changed our plans and went to Charlie Moreland camping area instead, which was close by.

Charlie Moreland Camping Area

Australian Brush-Turkey
Camping Area local.

Little Yabba Creek
Only a short walk from camp site.

Lace monitor
Another visitor to our camp site.

Little Yabba Creek

Spangled Drongo
This pair decided to drop in while we were packing up camp.

Little Yabba Creek

Little Yabba Creek


Mosura said...

Looks like a top spot.

Neil said...

It sure is, very hard to leave a place like it.