Friday, 26 December 2008

Outing to Tin Can & Rainbow

Last Tuesday we were up a 4am for a half hour drive to Tin Can Bay to count waders. After meeting up with a friend we launched our kayaks and set out for a relaxing paddle through the mangroves to their roosting sites.

Tin Can Bay

It was that early even this Seagull could not help yawning

Fish were easy to see in the crystal clear water of Tin Can Bay

After the count, we drove on to Rainbow Beach, so named because of the Rainbow Coloured Sand Cliffs, then up the beach to Double Island.

Coloured Sands of Rainbow Beach
Gentle waves on Rainbow Beach

We crossed the peninsula then travelled back along the Freshwater Track which is about 13km long.It normally takes about 1hr to travel this rough 4wd track, but it took us a lot longer as our son had to remove the scrape plate off his 4wd as it had been damaged and come loose part way through the track.

We stopped off to take a short walk to Freshwater Lake, indicated as "currently dry"

Along the way we came across some Scribbly Gums.

If we only knew we could have taken a shorter walk instead of the 1.3km.

Some people if they saw a sign saying lake "currently dry" would not walk in to see it.

Freshwater Lake has been dry for many years, and though not full, it was good to see some water in it.

Lunch was at Bymien Picnic Area where the Christmas Orchids were in full flower, then on to the Great Sandy National Park to look for Ground Parrots and wait until dusk for them to call. As we were driving down one of the tracks a Ground Parrot flew up, and later as we were walking another flew across. Their calls were not as numerous as we remembered in years past, with an estimate of only six calling on this occasion. It was nice to know they are still there after all this time.

The sand is always white at Teewah Creek, contrasting with the tanin coloured water. A nice spot to end a long day out. Thanks to family and friends for sharing the day with us.


Duncan said...

Wonderful area Neil, wish I was only half an hour away!

Neil said...

Yes Duncan it is a wonderful area lots to see and do.