Tuesday, 30 December 2008


The following is a video taken of some of the waders to be found at one of the sites we count for the Qld. Wader Study Group. As the numbers appeared to be on the decline of late, we decided to conduct a count by kayak instead of our usual approach to this site overland.
Our fears of a decline were alleviated, as the numbers on this day as on an earlier occasion using this approach corresponded well with past figures for this site on our data base.
In particular, small wader species were much more obvious. As you can see in the video there is a lot of water and land to cover and plenty of hiding places with in addition some very fast flying to contend with!


Arija said...

However do you manage to count them all? One could probably invent a new dance on the antics of those little waders, trotting bouncing and fast running all mixed up. Terrific place to go kayaking tough.

Neil said...

Hi Arija
It is very trying at times but with a lot of time, practice and a whole lot of patience we get there. And I am sure there is a dance in there somewhere.