Friday, 5 March 2010

Mary in Flood

With all the rain we have been having it was only a matter of time before the Mary River started to rise and spread out. At 9am today it was at 13.10m and 3.20m above Kidd Bridge.

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The Australian White Ibis were happy to just walk and feed in front of the rising water.

The local BMX track goes under, luckily they held a very large meeting the week before with people camped at the grounds.

Water heading towards the park behind the swimming pool. Shops start to move out when the river reaches 15m.

Looking across the Mary River to the Southside

Bruce Highway Inglewood Bridge Deep Creek main road out of Gympie heading south.

Looking towards Normanby Bridge overpass from the Southside I have seen the river almost to the top of the overpass.


mick said...

Most spectacular! At least down here there are no rivers to fill up the place - just flats that ALL go underwater :-( I think we got less rain -this time - down here than you did up in Gympie!

Neil said...

Yes Mick at least We have high ground to get away from the flood water.