Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gympie Flood 2011 cont

Great News it has stopped raining and we have Sunshine at last.

Local shopping Centre this morning.

Looking down the main street.

Have seen the water as high as the awning on this building.

Back entrance to Mary Street shops.

No point trying to go to the Telstra Shop unless by boat.

Bruce Highway goes under this bridge.

We got off lightly unlike some parts of Queensland.


mick said...

Thanks for the pics. That makes it all much more interesting. Looking at your pics I reckon it will be a while before we can get into town and even longer before we start getting supplies up from Brisbane - that is if Brisbane doesn't go underwater in the meantime!

Neil said...

Yes Mick it is not looking good for Brisbane.

Snail said...

Thanks for the pics.


The Brisbane situation is looking a increasingly ugly. The Qld Police Service are doing an excellent job of getting info out via their Facebook and Twitter feeds. This is where instant mass communication comes into its own.

Neil said...

Thanks Snail glad I am not in Brisbane.

Yes it seems the way to go not much good if you are stuck on the road somewhere with no internet though.