Monday, 10 January 2011

Gympie Flood 2011

How much water is too much

These geese don't look too keen on going in.

Mary River on 8-1-2011

Nelson Reserve 8-1-2011
What a difference a day makes.

Nelson Reserve 10-1-2011

Back entrance of the shops in the main street. 10-1-2011

Local Shopping Centre lower car park ready to go under. 10-1-2011

About 18 meters and still rising.
And the river is expected to get to 20 meters.


mick said...

Wow! Take care!!
I am quite happy to look at your photos rather than be up there in person :-)

Neil said...

Thanks Mick will do. Might have to get the kayak out and paddle through the main street.

Snail said...

Good grief, Neil! I'm just watching the news. Just amazing stuff.

Stay safe!

Neil said...

Thanks Snail I will and it is still raining here.

Larry said...

I hope you get some relief soon Neil. Be careful out there!

Neil said...

Thanks Larry.