Monday, 19 January 2009

Flying Fox

One of the largest counts we have had so far, 15,500 approximately! Around 3,500 of these at least were Little Red Flying Foxes, a nectivorous species. As usual these numbers are only an estimate as many more were probably hidden in the deeper gully sections of this site. Note the distinctive close clumped roosting habit of the Little Reds, much like a bunch of grapes.
Regulars at this site are Grey-headed Flying Fox and Black Flying Fox, while Little Reds come and go. This appeared to be a good breeding season, as large numbers of young of all species were present.
As this was a daytime count it was decided to hold a fly-out count in the near future to give us a better idea of overall numbers.
Photos from our latest Flying Fox Count. Most shown are of Little Red Flying Fox.


Duncan said...

Strange fruit on the trees up your way Neil! Good one.

Neil said...

Very strange sometimes all 3 varieties on the one tree.