Monday, 12 January 2009

Memorable Moments 2008

2008 in review after being tagged by Mick over at Sandy Straits and Beyond. I would like to know where 2008 went with so much happening. I just might start taking notes now for 2009.
Well here goes my Ten most Memorable Nature Moments for 2008 -
1 Getting away Camping for a weekend, no Phone, no TV. Just the sounds of the bush, namely Noisy Pitta and Paradise Riflebird calling right behind our tent. Not to mention the Dawn Chorus.
2 We were asked if we could take a couple of people from overseas out into a Rainforest birdwatching, only to have it rain most of the time we were there.
3 Frog surveying looking for Giant Barred Frogs. Though unfortunately not finding any we did find Greater Barred Frogs. Due to dry conditions on this night not many other frogs were active.
4 Our family decided to take us on a trip along the beach in their 4WDs. Starting at the Noosa North Shore we drove up to Double Island Point where we saw lots of Terns roosting on the beach and many more flocks feeding out to sea.
5 We often travel to the Sunshine Coast and if time permits walk up to a sand spit to watch the Tern flocks on a sandbank. On a number of occasions we were lucky enough to see White-winged Black Terns among the usual Little, Common, Crested and other Tern species. Normally we don't see this species where we do our Wader Counts.
6 Just being able to sit and have a cup of tea and watch the birds coming and going in our yard, whether it be in the bird bath or on the lawn and gardens as is the case with the antics of the Grey-crowned Babblers. They always seem happy and get along with one another.
7 Taking family and friends into the National Park, to see Ground Parrots and hear them calling at dusk.
8 Kayaking in and around the mangroves looking at all the waders and sting rays, along with being tipped out of the two man kayak when the other person who shall remain anonymous was trying to hop in.
9 Looking through a microscope at Isopods and Polychaets in sand samples our daughter was identifying as part of her Uni work. She told me they were cute and I agreed, not sure about some of the worms though. I told her I might have to think twice about walking on the sand now that I know some of the things that live there.
10 Having our son ring up one night and say "guess what is outside, a 3m carpet snake right outside my window". He then went to take photos, first with a close up lens, then seeing how big it was decided no way am I getting that close and chose a longer lens as a better option.
Well that is my year done now for two more to have a go I would like to tag Tricia's Tales if you have not been tagged yet and also Tarzan's World.


Duncan said...

Good one Neil, we must make this an annual event.

Neil said...

Thanks Duncan hope you have many memorable moments in 2009

mick said...

Nice ones! Hope there are a lot more of the same for 2009.

Neil said...

Thanks Mick
Hope you have lots of m m in 2009.