Sunday, 25 January 2009

Tin Can Bay

The local Field Naturalist's held their January outing down at Tin Can Bay. Not many birds around due to the strong wind and overcast conditions, though we did manage to see 39 species out of the 41 species recorded for the day. The 2 species heard and not seen were Striated Pardalote and White-throated Gerygone. Some members had good views of Osprey, Brahminy Kite and Whistling Kite. Seeing that there were not many birds about we found some flowers instead.

Straw Flower. Golden Everlasting
(Bracteantha bracteata)

Hyacinth Orchid
(Dipodium punctatum)
As the tide was coming in we took the group up to where we count the waders to show them what birds were there and found 28 Pied Oystercatchers as well as the usual Silver Gulls. It was then decided that we would go over to where the Wildflower Walk is and have a look around to see what was in flower among them the uncommon Christmas Candle.

Pathway leading through the Wildflower Walk.

Christmas Candle
(Burmannia disticha)
Luckily for this uncommon Christmas Candle there was a tree not to far away to save it from the mower.

Mangroves alongside the Wildflower Walk.

Rainbow Lorikeets were feeding on the seed pods of the She Oaks.

This photo reflects the peaceful atmosphere of the Bay.


animtreebird said...

Very beautiful birds. Nice photos. :)))

The Bokerns said...

Your rainbow lorikeets look like something I would have done in a coloring book as a kid! So very beautiful:D

Neil said...

Thanks animtreebird and The Bokerns they are beautiful birds although sometimes very noisy.