Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tangalooma Wrecks

Tangalooma Wrecks can be found on the landward side of Moreton Island SE Qld. Aust.

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15 Vessels have been deliberately sunk to form a breakwall for small boats and a Dive and Snorkel site from 2 - 10m. These vessels consist of old Harbours and Marine Department Steam-driven Dredges and Barges.

The Wrecks attract an amazing variety of Marine Life such as Trevally, Kingfish, Yellowtail, Rockcod and resident Wobbegongs. Tropical fish including Parrot and Clown Fish can also be found here.

And the odd Tourist sometimes like to drop in.

As well as the birds.


Snail said...

They look as though they're in quite close to the shore.

Neil said...

Yes Snail they are very close to the shore.